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Code of Ethics  

At the core of America’s Safe Delivery Service are the principles of integrity, honesty and respect for people, and our reputation is founded on these. The trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, as well as the communities in which we operate, is a real asset, critical to the continued growth and success of America’s Safe Delivery Services.

This Code of Ethics summarizes the way these principles must be applied in all our dealings. More detailed guidance is set out in separate statements on Employment, Health and Safety, the Environment, and Community Affairs.

The Code is intended to have practical value in all our day-to-day business dealings, and we must all behave in accordance with the spirit as well as the letter of this Code. As part of its implementation, it will be made available to all employees and will be included in appropriate induction and training programmers.

It is America’s Safe Delivery Service's policy to establish and manage safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.

We seek effective and efficient ways to protect and enhance the environment in which we live and operate. To this end, we measure, appraise and report performance on the basis of continuous improvement and with the longer-term aim of enhancing the sustainability of our business and that of our customers, suppliers, partners and the wider community.

Mission and Vision
We will contribute to customer success and satisfaction by providing reliable, responsive, and efficient service. Our customers will consider America’s Safe Delivery Service an industry leader in quality and view us as partners working with them to meet their current and future needs.

As America’s Safe Delivery Service employees, we will share an enthusiastic ownership interest in making our Company an attractive investment for our shareholders, and enjoy the pride and security that only a successful company can provide.

We will always conduct our business in a lawful and socially responsible manner. We will be known for our exceptional safety practices and achievements, both in the workplace and on the public highways; and we will actively support the communities in which we work and live.

America's Safe Delivery Services core values are
  • Work safely
  • Act with integrity
  • Value our people
  • Demonstrate good citizenship
  • Exceed customer expectations

America’s Safe Delivery Service is one of the largest transportation service providers in the US. America’s Safe Delivery Service provides a wide range of asset and non-asset-based transportation services integrated by technology. The portfolio of brands provided through America’s Safe Delivery Service represents a comprehensive array of services for the shipment of industrial, commercial and retail goods domestically and internationally.

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